Climate disasters have already displaced 7 million people this year, nearly 2x as many as conflict

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Sara Kiley Watson

Flood water and debris in a community near Beira, Mozambique in March 2019. REUTERS/Mike Hutchings

"This year has already been a record-breaker for weather-related highs: July was the hottest month ever recorded globally, Australia shattered its record for the hottest summer ever, and Angola experienced the world's warmest recorded February temperature.

According to a report by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center, which compiles data on diaspora from governments, the United Nations, and media reports, a record number of disasters displaced people from their homes and communities in the first half of 2019.

More than 950 natural disasters plagued 102 different countries and territories in the first six months of 2019, the report says, including monsoons, cyclones, and landslides.

The authors estimate that 7 million people were displaced by climate disasters between January and June of this year, the highest mid-year total of displacements associated with disasters ever recorded by the group. That's nearly double the total number of people (3.8 million) displaced by violence in the same period."

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